Everyone who knows how online bingo works, knows that it is a game where you depend on luck to win. There are, putting it frankly, pretty much nothing we can do in the actual game in order to make us win. There aren’t any elaborate strategies or tactics that we can employ in order to “beat the system”, and you can’t know beforehand what bingo cards you should purchase or try to manipulate the game in any way so that the results will favor you. However, there seems to always be certain players that win much more than others – How is this?

In order to become good at online bingo, there are two key things that you must keep in mind. First of all, as obvious as it might sound, is to always play it smart. Even though you can’t affect the game itself, there are some things that we can do in order to give us a better chance of winning over our competition. One of the best examples of this is to go to the bingo sites that offer their players the largest bonuses in the industry. Think about it, what is the ONLY think we can do in order to increase our odds in a bingo game? It is of course to buy more cards than any other player in the game. However, the more bingo cards you buy the more money you put into the pot, and the risk will therefore be higher, so does this strategy really make sense? Well, if you are playing at a bingo website that offers you a 100% bonus when you make your first deposit, it sure does! If you deposit €100, and receive a 100% bonus on top of that, you will have a total of €200 to play for, which means you can buy twice the amount of bingo cards than you would otherwise be able to afford.

In order to find these bonuses, I would warmly recommend that you check out bingo.li, which is an online gaming portal that lists several bingo websites, and rates them based on various criteria’s, one of them being bonuses. Here, you will easily be able to find the best bonuses on the market with as little hassle as possible.

The successful bingo player knows where to find the free money and give himself an extra chance of winning. When you are playing bingo online, always do so in a bingo room that offers chat games. Chat games are games that you can usually participate in for free, and you have the chance of winning free money that you can use to buy bingo cards for later. Chat games are normally played on the side of the bingo, in the chatroom where the players can talk to each other. Not all bingo websites offer chat games, so make sure to play at one that does – www.ballonbingo.com is a site that have long been known to have some really generous chat games, where the winner of each round will be able to purchase 6 bingo cards for his winnings.

The next characteristic of a good player might not be as obvious, but it’s equally important. A good bingo players never forgets to have fun! It’s extremely important to have fun when you are playing bingo – otherwise there’s just no idea to do it at all. Bingo isn’t a game you will get very rich of, even if you do play it smart. It is a game to enjoy with your friends, and therefore you should be able to have an equal amount of fun both when you are winning and when you are losing!