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Download casinos or browser based casinos?

If you’ve been playing casinos for a while you’ve probably noticed that there are two types of casinos that are the most popular. On the one side you’ve got casinos that want you to download their software and install it so that the casino software is actually on your computer. On the other hand are the browser based casinos, that are available straight from your web browser, where all you need to do is to login on the website itself and then you can start playing straight away, which can be useful if you just want to get a quick round of roulette in. Both these types of casinos has their upsides and downsides, and I want to get in and analyze them a little bit deeper so that it will be easier for you to decide which type of casino to go for.

Download casinos

Some of the most popular casinos today has to be downloaded. The reasons for this are several different ones. First of all, when you are downloading all the software to your computer, it is more likely that every game will run smoothly and use the best graphics possible. You will also have access to a big selection of games, and thanks to the fact that you are still logged onto the internet as you play, you can still make updates and install new games and software to add on. On the downside, an installed casino will only be available to you when you are at the laptop that you have installed it to. If you are at a friend’s house for example, you won’t be able to access the games unless you redo the whole process on that computer. Certain game developers seem to favor the download concept in front of the browser based. Casinos that use Playtech and Cryptologic for example, are often only available as a download casino. Download casinos are usually the best for table games such as baccarat and blackjack.

Browser based casinos

Browser based casinos are probably the type of casino that is becoming more and more popular amongst casino players. When you play in a browser based casino, the only thing you will have to do in order to start playing is to register your account, and the games are then available for play straight from your chosen web browser. As these games use flash-technology, the only requirement is that you have adobe flash player installed on your computer, which you already probably have. The obvious advantage of a browser casino is of course the fact that you don’t have to waste any time downloading and installing software on your computer. The other one is that you can simply log into your account from any computer and then start playing straight away.

So which one of these two types do I recommend? Personally I’d say I prefer the browser based casinos these days. The graphics have really become much better in these last couple of years, and the most popular game developer, Net Entertainment, have made all their games available for in browser play, which has made a big different, as I usually only play at casinos which offer the NetEnt range of games. On the other hand, if you are picky when it comes to graphics and performance, I wouldn’t advice against trying a few download casinos out – The very best download casinos can have some really good games!

If you would like to read more about where you can find casinos that offer casino games that are available straight from your browser, try visiting Casinoonline.re. They also offer a large section of casino bonuses and freespins, where you can find tons of good offers, at http://www.casinoonline.re/se/free-spins/.

Trading platforms and how to find them

With financial trading becoming more and more popular amongst private people, there has been an inflation of trading platforms entering the market, meaning that traders today have a really wide array of options to choose from when it comes to trading platforms, both for forex and binary options. While this is mainly positive, seeing that a trader has so many options which in turn forces the brokers to compete for customers by improving their products, it also means that there are several bad brokers out there that you shouldn’t really be trading at. Finding a good broker is an art form in itself, and in this article I want to recommend two websites to you that will massively help you find a broker that is reliable, has a good software and offer you good promotions.

Let us start off with binary options, which might be the most popular form of online trading amongst private traders today. The website I always recommend to use when you are looking for new brokers in the binary world is www.binaryoptions.pm, which is an online trading portal that focuses on reviewing market leading binary brokers. The really good thing about this is that you can to one single website that has all these high quality brokers listed. You can then select each one of them and read the review about them. There you will find information of which software the platform is using, what ytpes of bonuses you could be eligible to, and what the customer support is like too. They also offer a large set of articles and strategy guides that both new and experienced traders can use in order to further increase their skill and knowledge about binary options. Since binary options is still only a couple of years old, there’s not as much information on it as you’d might like, which makes this portal a really valuable source of information. There are a few websites that I have found through binaryoptions.pm, that I have used regularly for several years, such as TopOption, AnyOption and SpotFN.

The other really popular form of trading amongst private people, or so called home traders, is of course Forex trading. Forex trading isn’t really a new thing per se, but a few years back it wasn’t widely recognized by private traders, as there were so few platforms that you could use to trade currencies with. However, in recent years, the popularity of forex trading has exploded and it’s now used by millions and millions of people. In order to get started in the Forex trading world, I would suggest that you visit www.forextrading.pm, which is one of the first information portals for forex trading. They offer a ton of different guides, where beginners can learn the basics, but they aso have more advanced strategy guides which more experienced traders can read through in order to get even better. Just like the site I mentioned above, Forextrading.pm also offers a wide set of reviews over various forex brokers that are popular today. You can find reviews of classic trading platforms such as eToro, but you can also find new and exciting trading websites like Markets.com, which have become really popular in the last year or two.

Online trading is a really fun and interesting way to invest, and many people use it in order to start building away to become home trading professionals, meaning that their day trading can support them fully – Although I really don’t recommend that you quit your job in favor of a trading career until you feel you’ve gained the skill and knowledge to do so comfortably.

A couple of casinos worth checking out

The casino market is growing faster than ever. Never before have we seen so many new casinos enter the market at such a fast pace, and you can literally see a new casino launch every week these days. The good thing about this is that us players gets a massive variation to choose from, and we are constantly introduced to new and innovative forms of casino gaming. On the downside, everything is going so fast so that if we don’t keep updated constantly, then we might just end up missing out on a whole lot. In order to make things a little easier for you, I thought I‘d recommend a few really good casinos that have recently been launched.

Buck and Butler

Buck and Butler is an online casino that is mainly targeted towards the Scandinavian market, which is understandable as Scandinavia is probably the area where casino gaming has reached an absolute peak. Swedish and Norwegian people are crazy about gambling, and thus a lot of new casinos focus in on them. Buck and Butler have quickly become known for their very stylish design. Instead of using a lot of text and information on their site, they are instead focusing on communicating their info through large graphics. They have a really good game selection with games from the Scandinavian gaming giant Net Entertainment, meaning you will have access to some really classic games such as The Wishmaster, Aliens, Dead or Alive and Piggy Riches.


Guts is a more standard type of casino, but that doesn’t make them boring at all. They have already become internationally well known for being a great gaming solution offering both casino games and sports betting. The casino is fitted with a large selection of games from two of the worlds largest game developers, NetEnt and Microgaming. Guts is beautifully design, and the colors goes in red and black. Guts also offers a really good starting offer for new players, who will receive an amazing €300 welcome page, along with one hundred freespins on the popular Starburst slot machine. The bonus and the freespins are rewarded to you in conjunction with your first three deposits at the website.


You’ve probably heard of Casumo by now, if you are a European casino player. Casumo was launched in 2012, and they are probably the most innovative casino to have hit the casino scene in many years. Here, they have focused on making the whole experience as interactive as possible. When you have signed up and registered your account, your casumo character will be taken to the game “map” where the casino adventure takes place, which is a distant planet called Casumo. The whole idea of Casumo is that the people who’ve built the casino have tried to make it so that there’s a game going on even outside the actual casino games. They have created certain missions and things that players can complete by playing a certain slot machines, and they will then be rewarded with trophies, special bonuses, freespins for doing so. Casumo really is a unique casino, and I would warmly recommend that you tried it out for yourself!


Videoslots is a pretty new casino which is perfectly tailored for the slot machine player. Here, you can choose from one of the absolute largest selection of slots on the market now. Videoslots also gives away a really good starting bonus at the website. New players get 11 freespins without even having to make a deposit first!


Becoming successful in bingo

Everyone who knows how online bingo works, knows that it is a game where you depend on luck to win. There are, putting it frankly, pretty much nothing we can do in the actual game in order to make us win. There aren’t any elaborate strategies or tactics that we can employ in order to “beat the system”, and you can’t know beforehand what bingo cards you should purchase or try to manipulate the game in any way so that the results will favor you. However, there seems to always be certain players that win much more than others – How is this?

In order to become good at online bingo, there are two key things that you must keep in mind. First of all, as obvious as it might sound, is to always play it smart. Even though you can’t affect the game itself, there are some things that we can do in order to give us a better chance of winning over our competition. One of the best examples of this is to go to the bingo sites that offer their players the largest bonuses in the industry. Think about it, what is the ONLY think we can do in order to increase our odds in a bingo game? It is of course to buy more cards than any other player in the game. However, the more bingo cards you buy the more money you put into the pot, and the risk will therefore be higher, so does this strategy really make sense? Well, if you are playing at a bingo website that offers you a 100% bonus when you make your first deposit, it sure does! If you deposit €100, and receive a 100% bonus on top of that, you will have a total of €200 to play for, which means you can buy twice the amount of bingo cards than you would otherwise be able to afford.

In order to find these bonuses, I would warmly recommend that you check out bingo.li, which is an online gaming portal that lists several bingo websites, and rates them based on various criteria’s, one of them being bonuses. Here, you will easily be able to find the best bonuses on the market with as little hassle as possible.

The successful bingo player knows where to find the free money and give himself an extra chance of winning. When you are playing bingo online, always do so in a bingo room that offers chat games. Chat games are games that you can usually participate in for free, and you have the chance of winning free money that you can use to buy bingo cards for later. Chat games are normally played on the side of the bingo, in the chatroom where the players can talk to each other. Not all bingo websites offer chat games, so make sure to play at one that does – www.ballonbingo.com is a site that have long been known to have some really generous chat games, where the winner of each round will be able to purchase 6 bingo cards for his winnings.

The next characteristic of a good player might not be as obvious, but it’s equally important. A good bingo players never forgets to have fun! It’s extremely important to have fun when you are playing bingo – otherwise there’s just no idea to do it at all. Bingo isn’t a game you will get very rich of, even if you do play it smart. It is a game to enjoy with your friends, and therefore you should be able to have an equal amount of fun both when you are winning and when you are losing!

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